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 Program Offerings for Schools, Libraries, and Homeschool Groups

My program offerings for the 2022/2023 school year are posted in the brochure below. To register for programs, please click the link:


Author Visits: Frequently Asked Questions

How soon should we register?

Recommended: 3 Months in Advance. At the very least: 3 weeks. Event organizers who send in requests at least three months in advance usually get their bookings whereas it is rare that I can drop all writing, booking, and family plans for last-minute requests.

What age groups are your programs for?

Although the majority of my books are written for the elementary-aged child, I provide programming for toddlers through teens (as well as adults, see the next question).  I am an experienced educator and feel comfortable tailoring my programs for multiple groups. Some of my experience:

-As a former English teacher, I taught high school students and middle schoolers for over a decade. I taught everything from reading intervention courses for high-risk students to AP English Literature & Composition.

-As an out-of-school-time writing program director for almost five years, I taught and created writing programs and recreational activities for primarily elementary students. I also taught pre-K and teen writing workshops. I trained adult volunteers in methods for engaging all age groups in the writing process.

What do you include in author visits to students?

Please check the above brochure for the specifics of programs. However, whether virtual or in-person, I try to create many opportunities for engagement. For young children, there are opportunities to dance, sing, make things, and have multiple sensory experiences. For older youth, I build in ice breakers, interesting videos and visuals, unique writing strategies, and opportunities for conversation and writing that is relevant to them. I enjoy creating fun, memorable, and meaningful experiences for participants. 

Do you provide adult programming?

Yes. I bring my experiences as a children’s book author, educational leader, and anti-racism curriculum writer to adult programming. Some of the types of programs I have done:

-Spoke to university students about my books in a conversational, Q&A style.

-Provided professional development to teaching professionals on innovative writing workshop strategies.

-Spoke to teaching professionals and librarians about the anti-racist and social justice uses of my work.

-Read aloud my books and answered questions about them as if the adults were young children (this has been requested a few times!).

-Discussed the craft and process of becoming a children’s book author.

-With a panel of other authors and writing industry professionals, discussed issues relevant to the industry.

Because adult programs are often tailored to the specific organizations requesting them, they tend to cost slightly more than my youth programs.

Why are the costs of your author programs so high?

My rates are average. Please see School Visit Pricing – A Look at the Data. I post my rates for full transparency and so that event organizers can prepare. As my writing time is valuable, it’s important that I am receiving the market rate when I leave my writing desk to visit readers. However, I am well aware that there are many schools with limited resources. I am designing some limited low-cost and free opportunities for teachers at such schools for the 2022/23 school year. Please check back soon!

Could we purchase books in lieu of paying your booking fee?

Unfortunately, no. Traditionally-published authors do not get paid the royalties on their books until many months after those books have sold (and this is only if those books have earned out their advances). It’s challenging to work for payment 6+ months in advance.

How do we purchase books for the author’s visit? Can we buy books from you? Will you sign them?

I don’t keep a significant stock of resalable books. The best way to purchase books is usually through retail booksellers. The best retail options vary according to your region and school/organization type. I can help direct you to what would work best for your community. I am always willing to do signings during my events. Thank you for the support!

Are there free or low-cost options for teachers in schools that have limited resources? 

Yes! Information will be coming soon. You might also want to check out this resource: How to Pay for an Author Visit.

We have another idea for a program. Are you open to creating another kind of program? 

Yes! There is an option on the registration form that leaves that possibility open. I look forward to discussing your ideas with you.



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