Salat in Secret

Author: Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow

Illustrator: Hatem Aly

Publisher: Random House Studio/ Penguin Random House (June 6, 2023)

ISBN: 9781984848093

Inside the Book

Salat in Secret

When Muhammad gets a special salat (prayer) rug on his seventh birthday, he is determined to do all five prayers on time. But one salat occurs during the school day, so Muhammad decides to search for a secret place to pray.

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From the Author: Story Behind the Story:

“I was inspired to write this book a few weeks after my father passed away. While I was processing my emotions of grief, I also found myself feeling a profound sense of gratitude that I had had a father like him to grieve … I remembered how proud and unapologetic he was as a Muslim, and I thought about how much that impacted my sense of self. I wanted to put a father like that into a book. Meanwhile, my youngest child was turning seven. I was thinking about what gifts to get him, and a salat rug occurred to me because of the spiritual importance of his age. I thought about how excited my father would have been if he could see that, and I had this story.” Taken from blog. Read the rest here.


“a  sincerely wrought celebration of family and faith.” – Publishers Weekly, STARRED review

“A beautiful, positive, and welcome portrayal of Black Muslim families.” – Kirkus, STARRED Review

An empowering and important tale of bravery.” – Kirkus, STARRED Review

“SALAT IN SECRET is the best book I’ve read this year… simply marveling. SUPERB. CLASSIC. HISTORIC.” – S.K. Ali, NY Times bestselling author of The Proudest Blue

Inside the Book