Author Visits

Want Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow to visit* your school, library, or homeschool group? Email her your request at

Check out the brochure below for her author visit offerings.

*At this time, all author visits are virtual.

Program Offerings in Accessible Format:

30-Minute Program Options: $150

  • Read Aloud and Quick Q&A: Interactive read aloud and a brief Q&A session
  • Read Aloud & Readers’ Theater: Interactive read aloud and students act out scenes of book
  • Author Chat: Short presentation about career as author and Q&A session

60-Minute Program Options: $250

  • Read Aloud, Q&A, and Readers’ Theater: Interactive read aloud, an extended Q&A session, and opportunities for students to act out story scenes
  • Read and Craft: Interactive read aloud and arts & craft project
  • Missing Page: Interactive read aloud and creative writing activity during which students produce an additional “missing” page of the story
  • Author Talk and Q&A: Author presentation about lessons learned on journey to becoming an author and Q&A about books and/or the writing field

Writing Workshops: 90 minutes: $300

  • Mining for and Refining Your Story Ideas: Jamilah will introduce students to fun strategies authors use to find, evaluate, and develop story ideas.
  • Story Starter Party: From storytelling dice and evocative songs to picture prompts, we’ll employ a myriad of muses to launch stories and add creative twists to them.
  • Celebrating Identity and Diversity through Story: We’ll talk about how stories can be used to celebrate our diversity and then, write our own diverse identities into stories.
  • Seeking Social Justice through Story: We’ll discuss the issues and injustices we care about and then how to write stories that entertain while effectively sharing our messages with the world.
  • Picture Book Creation: We’ll talk about the parts and elements of picture books and then, students will create their own picture books as author-illustrators.
  • Revise Like an Author: This workshop is for students who have already drafted creative writing pieces. Students will practice author strategies for giving effective peer critiques and revising.

For half-day and full-day programs, please email for a quote!

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